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Carlsbad Nutritionist & Weight Loss Specialist

Let's focus on your strengths and work together on achieving your wellness goals.

Lisa is passionate about improving ones quality of life with amazing, delicious foods, and holistic health. She puts balance back into your life and when the body is in balance, your health is at its best.

Clients love the peaceful, zen, atmosphere of the Carlsbad Wellness Center. Appointments will begin promptly and your valuable time will be put to great use.

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Make your health a priority, while you still have the choice

What's Included in our Consultations

We will review your current eating habits, health history, your strengths and wellness goals.

Customized instruction and personal guidance will be provided with easy steps and handouts to make things simple and straightforward. Follow up sessions will be provided to fine-tune your nutritional wellness plan.

Together we will discuss what has been working and modify your plan as needed.

Finally, a way to make simple life changes that you can easily follow. You will then see your PROGRESS, WELLNESS AND HAPPINESS AT LAST.

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Its not selfish to nurture yourself, its essential for survival and well-being”

Take my 20 Day wellness plan

  • I will give you guidance, motivation and the tools necessary to easily obtain your greatest goals.
  • We will do weekly weigh-ins and BMI (if necessary)
  • You will be given recipes and meal ideas with your taste in mind.
  • A grocery shopping, field, trip to learn new ways to choose healthy and delicious foods. You’ll also get a grocery shopping list to make shopping a breeze.
  • We will create a personalized work out plan that you can easily follow.
  • Get a notebook to record your progress and handouts to keep you on track and organized.
  • Get rid of toxins that slow your metabolism. A whole body cleanse is the perfect way to get your metabolism revving at full steam. This is one step on how to lose weight fast.

You have the power to create your best life now.
Don’t put off the most important gift of your life …. Your Health!
Why put off feeling better about yourself? Call now (760) 705-5444
Mention “20 days to wellness” and get this plan all for $298 ($399 value)

Everything You Need to Succeed

Natural, holistic, options are the best answer to reach your health goals, prevent disease, and enhance your physical, mental and emotional health. Take action with practical and easy steps to good health and lose weight fast

Lets get to the core of your health issue and reverse your symptoms once and for all. Your personalized program will greatly improve your health and happiness. Together, we will explore concerns specific to YOU and you will discover the foods and tools you need for a lifetime of wellness.

New clients will…

  • Learn to make nutritious, and satisfying foods that help the body heal from illness or disease
  • Balance hormones and stressors so weight loss is obtained
  • Create a lifestyle that protects you from premature illness and disability
  • Learn to lower stress and anxiety in your life
  • Increase your energy and feel motivated
  • Set and accomplish goals in a way that’s empowering, and easy to do
  • Learn to achieve and maintain your ideal weight

Pricing and Packages

New Client Initial Consultation - Two appointments up to 90 min. long and 2 support phone calls for questions and motivation.

Comprehensive Nutrition Package - 1 1/4 hr. appointment, A 1 hour follow up appointment 2 support phone calls for questions and motivation. A custom meal plan and recipes will be provided and 2 support phone calls for questions and motivation. Package $349

Initial Single Appointment - Appointment up to 1 1/2 hours. $95. We can get a lot accomplished in this time.

1/2 hour in office Follow-up appointments $55
After the initial “in office” appointment - phone appointments are available 30 min $48

Phone and Skype Appointments

Initial consultation - $95 for up to a 90-minute appointment.
We will go over your health history, wellness goals and concerns in detail. I will review any lab/blood work you have done and look over the supplements you currently take. I will provide consultation notes, meal ideas, shopping list and what ever materials necessary to keep you on track with your wellness goals. We cover a lot of ground so be prepared to make a commitment and see great results.

Phone Consultation Package - My most popular package and a fantastic deal!
3 phone consultations for $249. You will have the entire year to use your appointments.