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There is no time like the present to improve your quality of life!
Do you want more energy and to feel well again?
Do you prefer drug-free, natural, solutions to health?
Do you want to lose the weight that has been creeping up on you?
Do you want to find the root cause of your illness and end it once and for all?

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Call today to discuss your health concerns and together we can decide the best approach for your wellness goals.

Nutrition Consultations by Phone & Skype

If you don’t live nearby we can just have a pleasant phone consultation or Skype. It’s just that easy. I’ll email you a personal health plan with all the details necessary to address your wellness goals and health concerns. Now you can have the expert assistance of the best nutritionist in Carlsbad, California from the convenience of your own home.

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Let's Get Cooking - Cooking Classes Carlsbad

If you’re looking for a fun way to learn how to make quick and healthy meals and improve your overall health, join one of our Carlsbad cooking classes. We always have a blast learning the latest and greatest ways to make nutritious foods taste so good.

Let's have a cooking party!

Do you have 3 or more friends that would love to have a fun evening or afternoon learning how to create simple yet delicious snacks and meals? Call now for our class menu suggestions. “Healthy vegetarian snacks” and “quick and easy meals” are the most popular. We can create a class with your food interests in mind.

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Lose Weight & Feel Great!

Food can have a dramatic effect on your body’s ability to fight of all types of physical and mental disease. Don’t struggle with anxiety, depression, stomach issues, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, brittle bones or being overweight.

Let's work together to ease you into a great lifestyle with a wellness plan created just for you.

We can only be as healthy as the food we eat each day. Make your health a priority and lose weight fast with the best nutritionist in Carlsbad.

Immune enhancement for Cancer Survival

Learn powerful ways to improve your immune system with superfoods, detoxification, CBD, essential oils, juicing and more. Learn to use the most effective, cancer-fighting, foods, and most effective supplements to turn your body into a cancer fighting machine.

Let me assist you with an easy to follow routine for a very effective way to combat cancer. We will be an enhancement to your cancer doctor’s care and the combined approach will be unstoppable.

Food Sensitivity Testing

Don't suffer any longer with fatigue, digestive disorders, migraines, painful joints, skin conditions, gas, bloating, brain fog, and behavioral and mood issues.

By identifying hidden, food, sensitivities you can finally understand the specific foods your body cannot tolerate and will react negatively to.

Coming into contact with inflammatory foods can cause all types of health issues, cancer and disease. This simple test can change your life and keep you feeling well by eliminating all the inflammatory foods in your diet. Call Now to Book your 15 min. test.

sicknesses caused by poor nutrition

Holistic Nutrition is the best solution to living a balanced, healthy and happy life!

Let’s not make this complicated. You’ll see great results if you are committed to
living a healthy lifestyle. Open your mind to fantastic food, better habits and joyful living.

Are you suffering from any of these ailments?
• Fatigue   • Weight Issues    • Hormonal issues
• Digestion issues   • Gas & Bloating   • Inflammation   • Pain
• Allergies   • Acne   • Thyroid   • Blood sugar problems • Brain Fog
• Depression   • Anxiety   • Sleep Issues • High Cholesterol
• Skin and Hair problems • low energy • Acid reflux
Cancer • Headaches • Toxic overload • Infertility

Stop suffering and Call Lisa Now

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